Sermon Prepared by James McCullen
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The Office of Deacon
Acts 6:1-7

We are in the process of nominating deacons. We have stated we believe a deacon must be a man of character who fulfill the requirements spelled out in Acts 6:1-7 and 1 Tim. 3:8-13.

I will focus on the Acts passage tonight, I want you to know I believe we have the best group of deacon today that we have had in the 10 years I have been pastor. I am looking forward to the deacon ministry in the next year. Let me point out some observations about the first deacons and our desire to follow this scripture.

1.    The . . Cause of the Office of Deacon. v 1

2.    The . . Call for the Office of Deacon. v 2

3.    The . . Choosing of the Office of Deacon. v 3

4.    The . . Concern of the Office of Deacon. v 4

5.    The . . Chosen of the Office of Deacon. v 5 - 6

6.    The . . Consequences of the Office of Deacon. v 7

Napoleon's men came into the boarders of Russia. Greeted by one big robust Russian man holding an ax. The generals were impressed by his bravery and decided to let him live after branding his hand with the letter "N"; they then said "you belong to Napoleon." The man took his ax and cut off his hand saying Napoleon may have my hand but never my heart. WHO HAS YOUR HEART?