Worthy 1 Samuel 5:1-6; 6:11-16 HCSB June 19, 2016



None of us can really feel Worthy of the grace of God and all He does for us. We all must take what we can not deserve from our Lord as we humble ourselves and learn we can receive the grace God desires to give to us, but never earn it. He will continue to give us even when we know we are not Worthy.


1. Our Worthy God . . Angered Because of the Placement of the Ark. 1 Sam. 5:1-5

A. It Is Not Worthy Or . . Proper to Put the Ark of God in a Pagan Temple. 1 Sam. 5:1-3

1 After the Philistines had captured the ark of God, they took it from Ebenezer to Ashdod,

2 brought it into the temple of Dagon and placed it next to his statue.

3 When the Ashdodites arose early the next morning, behold, Dagon had fallen on his face to the ground

before the ark of the LORD. So they took Dagon and set him in his place again.


B. It Is Not Worthy Or . . Pleasing to Put the Ark of God in a Pagan Temple. 1 Sam. 5:4-5

4 But when they got up early the next morning, there was Dagon, fallen with his face to the ground before the ark of the Lord. This time, both Dagon's head and the palms of his hands were broken off and lying on the threshold. Only Dagon's torso remained.

5 That is why, to this day, the priests of Dagon and everyone who enters the temple of Dagon in Ashdod do

not step on Dagon's threshold.


God was not pleased with the treatment of the Ark by the Philistines. They took it and put it into the temple of Dagon one of the their main gods. His idol was the statue that was symbol one half man and half fish. They put the ark in their temple next to the statue of Dagon. The next day when the people got up they

found Dagon fallen on his face by the Ark. They put it back near the Ark How ever on the next day Dagon was fallen with his head and palms of his hands broken off. Because of this a curse on Dagon was perpetuated and the superiority of our God was revealed.


2. Our Worthy God . . Punished the People of Ashdod. 1 Sam. 5:6

A. Our Worthy God . . Oppressed the People of Ashdod. 5:6a

6 The Lord severely oppressed the people of Ashdod,. . .


B. Our Worthy God . . Afflicting the People of Ashdod with tumors (hemorrhoids). 5:6b

. . . terrorizing and afflicting the people of Ashdod and its territory with tumors. HCSB


God oppressed the Philistines and terrorized them by sending tumors (which would be like our hemorrhoids today.) The people recognized this as a punishment for taking the Ark. God even caused the men to have these sores on their secret parts(1 Sam. 5:6 KJV). This realization caused them to know they must take the Ark back to Israel. I think we could ask God to do something similar to our enemies today and it would not cost as much as weapons today.


3. Our Worthy God . . Causes the Arks to be Return. 1 Sam. 6:11-12

A. Our Worthy God . . Oppressed the People of Ashdod. 6:11

11 Then they put the ark of the Lord on the cart, along with the box containing the gold mice and the images of the tumors.

12 The cows went straight up the road to Beth‑shemesh. They stayed on that one highway, lowing as they went; they never strayed to the right or to the left. The Philistine rulers were walking behind them to the territory of Beth‑shemesh.



Our God convinced the Philistines that He is a powerful God and they should not have taken His Ark and placed it in one of their temples. They took two cows freshly separated from there calves to pull the cart and the cows lowed but did not stray to the right or left indicating our God controlled them. They sent 5 golden images with the cart the number of the lords of the Philistines.


4. A Worthy God And Worship Offered. 1 Sam. 6:13-16

A. Our Worthy God . . Brought the Ark Back. 6:13-14

13 The people of Beth‑shemesh were harvesting wheat in the valley, and when they looked up and saw the

ark, they were overjoyed to see it.

14 The cart came to the field of Joshua of Beth‑shemesh and stopped there near a large rock. The people of the city chopped up the cart and offered the cows as a burnt offering to the Lord.


B. Our Worthy God . . Blessed the People with Worship. 6:15-16

15 The Levites removed the ark of the Lord, along with the box containing the gold objects, and placed

them on the large rock. That day the men of Beth‑shemesh offered burnt offerings and made sacrifices to the Lord. 16 When the five Philistine rulers observed this, they returned to Ekron that same day. HCSB


As the Ark was brought into the town of Beth-shemesh the people saw the Ark are were over joyed and took the cows and made burnt offerings to the Lord. The five Philistine rulers observed this worship from the people and then returned to Ekron hopefully to a time of piece and removal of the plaques they caused by their misuse of the Ark.