Faithful†††††† 1 Sam. 18:1-5, 20:35-42††† July 31, 2016



Do you have a best friend?Maybe your brother or sister serve in that capacity for you.I do not have a brother and as a young man I met a Christian friend and since he did not have a brother we decided after a few years to make ourselves brothers so today we refer to one another as brothers.Therefore it makes it easier to understand the friendship of David and Jonathan.My friend and I met in the youth group of our church.It was a great church and had a very good youth group.My brother-friend and I are both called to ministry and love and serve the Lord.You may know my brother his name is Jim McNiel. He serves as an evangelist and has memorized most of the New Testament.He is a Faithful friend and we have had many spiritual blessings together.†††††††††††††††††††††


1.†† Faithful and . . True Friends.†† 1 Sam. 18:1-5

A.†† Jonathan . . Initiated the Friendship and Love Relationship with David.†† 18:1-3

1 When David had finished speaking with Saul, Jonathan committed himself to David, and loved him as much as he loved himself.

2 Saul kept David with him from that day on and did not let him return to his father's house.

3 Jonathan made a covenant with David because he loved him as much as himself.


B.††† Jonathan Noticed Davidís . . inadequacy in his clothing and armament.†† 18:4-5

4 Then Jonathan removed the robe he was wearing and gave it to David, along with his military tunic, his sword, his bow, and his belt.

5 David marched out with the army, and was successful in everything Saul sent him to do. Saul put him in command of the soldiers, which pleased all the people and Saul's servants as well.


Jonathan and David began a very unusual relationship as they decided they had an unusual friendship with one another.They had a God-given love for one another and that is not the usual experience between two men.Jonathan initiated this relationship but it was obvious David loved him very much.The two men really did have a love for one another.They made a covenant of fellowship with one another.David must not have had the proper clothing or normal armament so Jonathan gave him several pieces of clothing, a sword, bow, and belt.


2.†† Faithful and . . Tested Friends.†† 1 Sam. 20:35-40††††††††††††††

A.†† Jonathanís . . Plan with David.†† 20:35-37

35 In the morning Jonathan went out to the field for the appointed meeting with David. A small young man was with him.

36 He said to the young man, "Run and find the arrows I'm shooting." As the young man ran, Jonathan shot an arrow beyond him.

37 He came to the location of the arrow that Jonathan had shot, but Jonathan called to him and said, "The arrow is beyond you, isn't it?"


B.††† Jonathanís . . Promise with David.†† 20:35-37

38 Then Jonathan called to him, "Hurry up and don't stop!" Jonathan's young man picked up the arrow and returned to his master.

39 He did not know anything; only Jonathan and David knew the arrangement.

40 Then Jonathan gave his equipment to the young man who was with him and said, "Go, take it back to the city."


In the verses previous to our text David expresses his concern that Saul wanted to kill him.Jonathan did not agree, but said he would check it out and share his findings.David was to hide out in the wilderness.

Jonathan learned Saul really did hate David.He also learned of his jealousy about David and was surprised his son was such a friend of his.The test they agreed upon had David hiding out in the field that Jonathan knew about and that Jonathan would bring a lad, and shoot arrows near where David was hiding.The sign between them was that Jonathan would shoot three arrows on the side of the rock Ezel. If he told the lad the arrows were on the side of the rock it would mean that David could come home as no harm was intended, but if he said "Hurry up and don't stop!" beyond the rock then David was to go his way, for Saul intended to kill him.


3.††† Faithful and . . Timeless Friends.†† 1 Sam. 20:41-42

A.†† David and Jonathan . . Bow to Their Timeless Friend.††† 20:41

41 When the young man had gone, David got up from the south side of the stone Ezel, fell with his face to

the ground, and bowed three times. Then he and Jonathan kissed each other and wept with each other, though David wept more.


B.††† David and Jonathan . . Bless One another as Their Timeless Friend.††† 20:42

42 Jonathan then said to David, "Go in the assurance the two of us pledged in the name of the Lord when we said: The Lord will be a witness between you and me and between my offspring and your offspring forever." Then David left, and Jonathan went into the city.HCSB


Jonathan and David bowed to one another in an act of brotherly love and wept.Then Jonathan blessed David with the indication that their friendship was forever.They departed with the knowledge that they were Faithful friends forever.Amen?Amen!