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It’s All About Grace       Rom. 5:1-11, 15, 20-21       Sept. 25, 2011



         A few years ago the psychology department of Duke University carried on an interesting experiment. We usually say, "As long as there is life, there is hope." The Duke experiment proved, "As long as there is hope, there is life."

1. Grace May Result in New . . Advantages. 5:1-2

A. The Advantage Of . . Peace v 1

      1 Therefore, since we have been declared righteous by faith, we have peace with God

      through our Lord Jesus Christ.

      B. The Advantage Of . . Passage Way in Access To God. v 2a

2 We have also obtained access through Him by faith into this grace in which we stand,

       C. The Advantage Of . .Pleasure in the Hope we receive. v 2b

      “. . . and we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God.

       Through grace we receive the advantage of peace concerning our salvation. Then we have a passage way of access to God through Jesus. I like verse two where it says, “this grace in which we stand,. . . .” If your standing in an ocean of grace and you slip and fall your falling into more grace. We have the pleasure of hope because it is another gift from the grace of God.

2.   Grace May Result in New . . Awareness. 5:3-8

       A. The Awareness Of How Christians Get . . Patience. v 3-4

3 And not only that, but we also rejoice in our afflictions, because we know that affliction produces endurance,

4 endurance produces proven character, and proven character produces hope.


Do Some of the Finest Children of God Have Tribulations?

1.Ask Abraham and he will point to Mt. Moriah.

2. Ask Jacob and he will point to a pillow of stone.

3. Ask Joseph and he will point to an Egyptian prison.

4. Ask Moses and he will point to the backside of the desert.

5. Ask the three Hebrew children and they will point to a fiery furnace.

6. Ask Daniel and he will point to a den of lions.

7. Ask Peter and he will point to a Roman fire and his three denials.

8. Ask John and he will point to Patmos.

9.Ask The Apostle Paul and he will point to prison, and beatings.


       B.   The Awareness Of How Christians Get . . Power from the Holy Spirit. v 5

5 This hope will not disappoint us, because God’s love has been poured out in our hearts

      through the Holy Spirit who was given to us.


        C. The Awareness Of How Christians Get . . Permanent Righteousness. 5:6-8

6 For while we were still helpless, at the appointed moment, Christ died for the ungodly.

      7 For rarely will someone die for a just person—though for a good person perhaps someone

      might even dare to die. 8 But God proves His own love for us in that while we were still

      sinners, Christ died for us!

       In Christ the Christian receives a new awareness of patience, power, and permanent righteousness. I have been asked several times, if I become a Christian how do I hold on and not fall away from a righteous life. The answer simply stated is “Jesus!” We do not depend upom self to get saved and we do not have to rely on self to keep saved. Salvation starts in grace, continues in grace and concludes in grace.


3.   Grace Results in New . . Assurance. 5: 9-11

       A.   The Assurance Of . . Salvation by His Blood. 5:9

9 Much more then, since we have now been declared righteous by His blood, we will be saved through Him from wrath.

       B. The Assurance Of . . Salvation by His Life. 5:10

10 For if, while we were enemies, we were reconciled to God through the death of His Son, then how much more, having been reconciled, will we be saved by His life!


        C.   The Assurance Of . . Salvation’s Joy. 5:11

11 And not only that, but we also rejoice in God through our Lord Jesus Christ. We have now received this reconciliation through Him.

       In the Old Testament the demonstration of forgiveness came over and over as the people saw their sins symbolically placed on the alter and then coverd with sacrificial blood. We also are saved by Christ death on the cross, but we are also saved by His life as He ever lives to make intercession for us. If that doesn’t bring you joy you don’t understand it and need to look again over those scriptures.


4.   Grace Results in New . . Advances Spiritually. 5: 15, 20-21

       A.   The Advancement Of . . Much More Grace. 5:15

15 But the gift is not like the trespass. For if by the one man’s trespass the many died, how much more have the grace of God and the gift overflowed to the many by the grace of the one man, Jesus Christ.


       B.   The Advancement Of . . Multiplying the Blessings of Grace. 5:15, 20-21

20 The law came along to multiply the trespass. But where sin multiplied, grace multiplied

      even more

      21 so that, just as sin reigned in death, so also grace will reign through righteousness,

      resulting in eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

      One man Adam passed on sin to all human beings. But the advancement of Christ provides for the forgiveness of sin and this provides much more grace. Grace is multiplied beyond the largest need the words, “ much more” and “even more,” help us to understand Its All About Grace.

Amen? Amen!