Two Paths, One Choice     Matt. 7:13-21, 24-27     Jan. 24, 2016



It is rather common that people face choices in their life that represent more than one path, but their may be only one time for a choice.  Some times we get more than one choice but some people find it difficult making  the right one.  It is very sad to see people continue to make the wrong choices.  When it comes to eternal choices it is even more important to make the right choice which includes the right path.  Some people never gain the truth that Jesus is the way, and the only way.


1.    Two Paths, One Choice . . Narrow Versus Wide.   7:13-14

If a person takes the Wide Gate it will lead them to Destruction.  Sad but many take that gate and road.  It

does not represent the way of the Lord but the way of sin and Satan.  Many people take this way without giving much thought about the consequences.  It seems like the “good time road” and more the way of pleasure rather than a way of rules and restraints.  The Narrow Gate leads away from destruction and into the way of peace and Joy with peaceful ways and friends who have made their piece with the Lord.  I have never heard a person who really experienced this way reject it or want to give it back.


2.    Two Paths, One Choice . . Good Versus Bad.   7:15-21

The Bad way of life is represented by “False Prophets.”  These Prophets claim to be doing the will of the Lord and producing “good fruit,” with their lives but the fruit produced in their lifestyle contradicts their leaders statements.  In contrast the “Good Trees,” produce good fruit and cannot produce “bad fruit.”  The Lord says we will recognize them by their fruit.   The good trees do the will of the Lord and they do it joyfully.  Some people talk the talk but they do not walk the walk.  It is a joy to hear new Christian talk about what the Lord produced in their life.  These people walk the walk and talk the talk and it is obviously motivated by the Lord.


3.    Two Paths, One Choice . . Rock Versus Sand.   7:24-27

It would seem anyone would know to build a foundation on the rock and not on sand.  When we understand Jesus is the rock for the foundation of salvation we would not even consider using the sand.  The text shares the obvious truth of what happens to a house built on the rock as it withstands all kinds of weather with winds, rains, and floods; but the house with a sand foundation does not withstand all of the wind rain and etc..   The obvious lesson for us in this test is to chose Jesus and build upon Him and Him alone.   Jesus is the only one who provides a foundation for salvation is Jesus.  Two Paths, One Choice and Jesus is the only Choice for Salvation.  Amen?   Amen!  (Check for a more detailed outline.  Go to: