An Open Invitation†††† Matt. 11:20-30†††† Feb. 14, 2016



Did you ever doubt the Lord would give you an invitation to become one of His children?Some people do not think the Lord will receive them.†† When we asked them if they sinned like some in the Bible they say no and then they accept the Lord as He gives An Open Invitation.


1.†† An Open Invitation with Promised . . Reckoning.†† 11:20-24

I can not believe the number of people who believe there will not be a judgement for their sinful way of living.They have a mind set that God is a forgiving God and does not have a judgement day based on a refusal

to repent and trust Jesus.It is almost like surely God will forgive me because I am not that bad.There judgement does not include the life and teachings of Jesus much less His sacrifice.†† But in our text Jesus teaches a day of reckoning is coming and because people did not repent they will be judged.He also tells us some people would have remained (lived longer) if they had seen the miracles of Jesus.Will some people receive more punishment in judgement than others?I think this passage speaks to that.



2.†† An Open Invitation with Promised . . Revelation.†† 1:25-27

How come you and I know about Jesus and have acknowledged Him as Lord of our lives?Reasons certainly include His revelation to us by His Spirit.God has made His revelation to be based on His good pleasure and not the intelligence or learning we have gathered.Sometimes wise and learned people think

they have the key to all kinds of wisdom and revelation but God chose to make His revelations available by His good pleasure.In addition Jesus said, ďNo one knows the Son except He reveals Himself to them.As a Christian you may have recognized you understand some spiritual truth simply because it is a gift from the Lord.



3.†† An Open Invitation with Promised . . Rewards.†† 1:28-30

Does the Lord reward His children.Of course.Some of His rewards are for here and now and some are for the future but He definitely does reward us.In the text He rewards with learning.He urges us the learn of Him

and our rewards will be rest.The rest the Lord gives is certainly comforting.It is sad that some people never receive it because they do not trust in Him.The Lord also promises the reward of a light load.His yoke is easy and His burden is light.On one occasion I allowed people to put extra burdens on me and I felt like I had a very heavy load.Then I heard some one say if your burden is heavy it is not the Lordís but something people are dumping upon you.I really got relief.The Lordís burden is light.He gives us An Open Invitation.Amen?†† Amen!††† (Check for a more detailed outline.Go to: