Concern Of God       Romans 11:1-2, 5-6, 11-15, 25-26 a, 28-32      Dec. 18, 2005
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If anyone would question God's concern I would suggest he look at the cross, and read John 3:16.
Our God is concerned for all mankind.  In this lesson we may note God rejects none, rescues some, recognizes the jealousy of some, and personally regards the election to salvation.

1.  The Concern of God . . Rejects None.  11:1-2

        What evidence does Paul give that God rejects no one.  Paul first uses himself as an example of Godís concern.  Paul lived zealously in the Jewish Faith, and God expressed concern for him as a member of the nation of Israel.  Godís concern is also noted in His foreknowledge of Israel, and His persistent dealing with Israel even with their inconsistencies.  Then he speaks of the pleading of Elijah for Israel. We see Godís concern expressed in each of these events.


2.    The Concern of God . . Rescues Some.  11:5-6

        The word remnant appears only here in the New Testament.  Vines Dictionary helps us understand this word by saying, ď. . . a spiritual Ďremnant . . . compared with the whole nation, past and present, the Ďremnantí is small, and as such is an evidence of God's electing grace . . .Ē  The sixth  verse is one of the clearest verses comparing works with grace.  It seems impossible to me that a person of normal intelligence could not understand this verse.  To be saved does not require our works; it is a matter of grace.

3.    The Concern of God . . Recognizes the Jealousy of Some.  11:11-15, 25-26 a

        Could jealousy cause someone to be saved?  Does God use jealousy to bring some to salvation?  It would immediately seem that motivation would fail; but Paul admits using it for the salvation of some. What motivated you to come to accept the message of Christ?  The death of a friend motivated me, and I am sure many emotions entered into the motivation of several coming to salvation.  Scholars give many different interpretations to the twenty-fifth and twenty-sixth verses especially the last part of verse twenty-six.  In this small commentary I am satisfied to say God is not surprised when a Jew or Gentile gets saved.  He knows how many of each race, and nation will accept His offer of salvation.

4.    The Concern of God . . Regarding Election.  1:28-32

        Election is Godís business.  I think He elected to save me, and you; does that inspire you?  Is God fair?  NO!  If He were fair we would all go straight to hell.  God is merciful, and gracious.  His grace elects to give us what we cannot deserve, and His mercy elects not to give us what we deserve.  This is His election.  I like the idea we are on the nominating committee, and not on the election committee.  Nominate every one you see for election, and leave the final election to the Lord.  We will never have more concern than the Concern Of God.  Amen?  Amen!