Sermon Prepared by James McCullen
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Lessons from a Thorn Bush # 1
Exod. 3:1-10

Yesterday my two sisters and our spouses celebrated my mother's 90th birthday. My mom has had a great influence upon my life. I do not believe I would be a Christian without my mother's dedication and example. I am sure many of us could make a similar statement.

When you look at the life of Moses you have to say his mother influenced him greatly. He was raised in Pharoe's house but you will remember his mother was paid to nurse him. As she held him to her breasts she obviously fed him from her knowledge of God.

When we find Moses turning aside to see the burning bush I believe we find the influence of his mother as he listens to God. He learns here some additional lessons.

1.    Lesson One . . The Penetration of God. v 1-2

2.    Lesson Two . . The Persistence of God. v 3

3.    Lesson Three . . The Posture of God. v 4

4.    Lesson Four . . The Presence of God. v 5-6

5.    Lesson Five . . The Patience of God. v 7

6.    Lesson Six . . The Power of God. v 8-10

A Bush experience can not be demanded and should not be sought.