Proverbs 6:16-19
16 There are six things which the LORD hates, yes, seven which are an abomination to Him:
17 Haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,   18 A heart that devises wicked plans, feet that run rapidly to evil,   19 A false witness {who} utters lies, and one who spreads strife among brothers.  (NAS)

Two friends were great baseball fans. They had always joked that they didn't want to go to
heaven unless there was baseball up there. They agreed that somehow, whoever died first, would communicate to the other about baseball in heaven. At last one man died, and sure enough, he called his friend and told him he had good news and bad news. The good news is that there is baseball in heaven and you have never seen such outstanding plays. The friend on earth then said, "Great, but what's the bad news?" The heavenly friend said, "You'll be watching the game with me tomorrow."

A few weeks ago I preached a sermon titled, "What God Loves." Perhaps that was good news, but today, "What God Hates" may be the bad news. There are other scriptures stating what God hates. We could say, generally speaking, that God hates all evil and loves all good. But our text mentions seven things God hates. Let's consider them.

I.    The Lord hates haughty eyes. v 17 a

"Haughty eyes,. . . "
Why does the Lord hate haughty eyes or a proud look? Because it presents a person as self-sufficient and not in need of God's grace or counsel. Greenstone said, "Arrogance is often identified with the disregard of human rights and the denial of divine authority."

Generally speaking, who has haughty eyes? I suggest to you: 1) Those who exalt their knowledge, 2) Youth or immature persons who think they know more than they do. 3) Those who are ignorant of knowledge yet to be learned. All of these suggestions lack humility or a contrite heart. Dr. Ironside said, "Haughty eyes belong not to the one who has been a learner at His feet who is meek and lowly in heart."

ILLUSTRATION: Story told by Dr. Adrian Rogers.


The one with haughty eyes or a proud look must come to a place of humility if they desire God's grace. God hates the lifestyle of haughty eyes. Do any of us have this in our lifestyle? Now let's look at the second thing God hates.

II. The Lord hates a lying tongue. v 17 b

". . . a lying tongue,. . . "
Lying is hateful to God because He is TRUTH. Satan is the father of lies (John 8:44).

Falsehood always implies a wrong heart. A pure heart supplies no motive for falsehood. Vanity, avarice, ambition, cowardice--are the parents and patrons of lies. Falsehood always has a bad social tendency. It disappoints expectations, shakes confidence, loosens the very foundations of social order.

A lady posted a wrong label on some jars she had prepared for the freezer. She was quite surprised to discover rhubarb in a jar marked peaches.


God does not expect a lying tongue in the mouth of His children. He hates to be looking for the truth and then find a lying tongue. Really a person who is a habitual liar gives evidence that they are not a Christian. Notice in verse 17 the third thing God hates.

III, The Lord hates hands that shed innocent blood. v 17 c

". . . hands that shed innocent blood,  "
This is a murderous and cruel disposition, which, rather than have its plans frustrated, will shed the blood of those who have done it no injury. The Lord hates this because it is out and out cruelty. Cruelty implies 1) An utter lack of sympathy with God's creatures 2) An utter lack of sympathy with God's mind. He who inflicts pain is out of sympathy both with the universe and His maker.

ILLUSTRATION: Cain and Abel--Gen, 4:10


Most likely no one in our congregation has been guilty of shedding innocent blood. However, we might be guilty of judging someone on hearsay and being critical of someone who is really innocent of the supposed happening. Notice in verse 18 the fourth item.

IV. The Lord hates a heart that devises wicked plans.   v. 18 a

A heart that devises wicked plans, . . . "

"There are evil thoughts in all men's hearts; but the devising, fabricating of them, and thus making the heart into a devil's workshop, is the mark of utter depravity and wickedness, and is abhorrent to God. The devices of the hear, though planned in secret, are clear to him 'to whom no secrets are hid.' The peculiar position which the heart occupies in the enumeration is to be accounted for on the ground that it is the foundation, not only of those vices which have been already mentioned, but of those which follow."

After hearing the gospel, an old Indian chief reportedly said, "The only way a man can be changed like the gospel talks about is if your God can give a man a new heart."


Wicked plans come from a wicked heart. Hearts made pure by the blood of Christ desire to hide His Word in their heart that they might not sin against God. Notice also the fifth thing that God hates as it is listed in verse 18.

 V.   The Lord hates: Feet that run rapidly to evil. v. 18 b

". . . feet that run rapidly to evil, . . . "
The Lord hates this lifestyle because it implies more than falling or sliding into sin, which is common to all. These folks take delight in their unholy work; they have a greed for it as their feet pursue where their heart has already run.

The famous illustration about the father tracking through the snow to go to a saloon. His little son followed by jumping into his father's tracks and called to him. 'Hey, Dad, I'm walking in your footprints."


In the first five things that the Lord hates, we have five parts of the body mentioned; the eyes, tongue, hands, heart, and feet. There seems to be a progression to evil. If we find ourselves in an evil pattern or seeming to have a bent toward some sinful activity, we need to forsake it, and cause our feet to run from it. Now notice verse 19.

VI. The Lord hates a false witness who utters lies. v. 19 

"A false witness {who} utters lies,. . . "

This sin is one of those expressly forbidden in the 10 Commandments. It may have a lying tongue for a sister or brother, but it is a more advanced sin. . .because society is no longer secure when truth is not its chief ornament. This person robs his fellow creature of his greatest treasure--his own reputation and the loving confidence of his friends.

About a year and a half ago, a man told me that a distant friend had said some unkind things about me. I told this man I didn't believe that person would say that, so he must have misunderstood. He assured me that my friend had said those things. So I told him, "If that is really your witness, I'm going to call that man and ask him why he said that, because it is not true." I started for the phone and was stopped by the false witness who then said, "Maybe I misunderstood."


God is a truthful witness and expects His children to tell the truth and to be an accurate witness to the best of their ability. He hates a lifestyle of a false witness. Now notice the seventh characteristic God hates.

VII. The Lord hates one who spreads strife among brothers.  v 19 b

". . . and one who spreads strife among brothers. "
Although I don't agree, it is interesting to note the great English preacher, Joseph Parker, called this the unpardonable sin of the Old Testament. The Lord had said earlier it was good and pleasant for brothers to dwell together in unity (Ps. 1343). And no doubt He created us for unity and togetherness, therefore, it is something God hates when brothers spread strife or discord. This relates to blood brothers and Christian brothers. It ought not to be that families would be torn apart because some stir up strife. it ought not to be that Christian brothers and sisters stir up strife and disharmony. God says He hates it. Therefore, he who by talebearing, ill-natured stories, and wicked inventions produces the disruptions of friendship, is abhorrent to that God who desires His creatures to live in love and unity. And as Bridges said ". . .a withering blast will fall upon those who, mistaking prejudice for principle, selfishly 'cause dissensions. Terrible is the Lord's mark upon them, who are worldly-minded devoid of the Spirit." If we can't agree, can't be complete in the same mind, 'and in the same judgement, at least let's try to promote unity of spirit.'" Christians ought to be able to disagree without having a disagreeable lifestyle.

The different ranks of a pipe organ.  If they are used properly beautiful music can come from them.    If they are not in prober arrangement discord comes.


The body of Christ needs all of its members to function properly. Every member needs to

be in tune for the church to play all the gospel music most effectively.


God hates these 7 lifestyles or evil characteristics of life. If God hates them, on what pretense can we love them or display them as part of our makeup?


 We invite you to make public your decision to follow Christ. Come forward as we sing.




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